RSU School of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising

Kelly Holmes - Biology
Health Sciences, Room 161B

Please select the your appointment type.

New Student

This is your first time attending RSU, and you have been admitted to the university.

**If your ACT scores are lower than a 19 in any of the four categories, you may be required to take what are known as “zero level” courses before or alongside your college level classes. We highly recommend taking our free ACCUPLACER tests to potentially test out of these courses. Please contact our testing center for more information at 918-343-7730 or

(45 minutes)

Current Student

You are a current RSU student and were enrolled last semester.

We will need to discuss your next semester courses before I can grant you clearance to enroll. We may do so in person or via email. If you already know what you want to take, feel free to email those courses to me, and I can verify/grant you access to enroll. You may send them to

(45 minutes)

Returning Student

You were previously a student at RSU, but have taken a break from enrollment.

Please note that if you have sat out a semester (spring or fall), you will need to be re-admitted to RSU through the Admissions department before you are able to be advised and enrolled.

(45 minutes)

Prospective Student

You have not yet applied to RSU, but would like to talk to an advisor about degree options and/or transfer credits.

If possible/applicable, please bring your transcripts with you so that I can properly evaluate where you will be at in the degree plan. If you would like to email the transcripts in advance, I will try to evaluate them before our appointment. You may email them to

(45 minutes)